The simple version of “why we are different” lies in the fact that our animals are raised on our own farms and those of our partners using our feed and humane protocols. We are involved in EVERY step of production and standards regarding our animals and products.


Our regenerative production emphasizes heirloom and specialty genetics with no synthetic inputs. Nature’s Atlas has designed a feeding program that yields a product with a superior balance of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The company is especially proud of the resulting healthy fat profile of its meat and poultry. The fat is high in the mono saturated oleic acid which is typical of healthy Mediterranean diets. Oleic acid supports a healthy heart and brain, helps fight cancer, fights infections, and reduces the incidence of diabetes. The Nature’s Atlas organic feeding program is naturally balanced in vitamins and minerals.


This means we NEVER use meat from unknown animals that may have been treated poorly or injected with antibiotics, hormones, and subjected to any bad practices common in the food industry.


We ARE intimately involved in the origins, heritage, and ensured humane treatment of our animals.



Building a Community-Centered, Trusted, and Transparent Food Supply

Rooted in Culture
Respecting the Land
Honoring Traditions
Building Relationships


It all started through five generations of biodiverse farming and heritage livestock breeding in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains with a farm-to-market movement that rippled throughout the Midwest.

Founders bold enough to challenge the “agroindustry” status quo.


Who sought to preserve and propagate heirloom seeds and animal breeds that were outside the control of the typical corporate conglomerates.


Deploying farming practices inspired by the foresight of the Kremer Brothers.


One brother is internationally known for his unbiased, sound, scientific studies of the impacts of glyphosate on the microbials of soil, animal, and human health.


The other brother led the antibiotic resistance, animal welfare, and save the family farm campaigns that connected the conscious  consumer to their food.

The pioneer of the statement “you are what you eat eats!”

Both were impacted by the ways of modern-day agriculture, the damage it caused to the land they loved, and its impact on the health and well-being of those they held most dear, including a non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor and loss of a parent that succumbed to dementia.


Together, they shared a vision for a better food system that could heal communities.


That vision then found its vessel.


That vessel was a Midwestern farm girl, whose unique life-experiences from the small town to the underbelly of Washington DC to the Great Wall of China, shed light on the “behind closed doors” forces that impacted input controls, infrastructure limitations, markets, products, and policies throughout the global food supply chain.


Together, these founders developed and acted upon a strategic plan for a new food paradigm that balanced the best interests of humanity and the planet.

Nature’s Atlas will not rest until food security and sovereignty are in balance with nature.


Our ability to ethically navigate how we feed a growing population without compromising land stewardship, humane practices, nourishment and taste is why Nature’s Atlas is your trusted and transparent solution to a new food paradigm.

This is where Nature’s Atlas was born.

With a solution-focused mindset and can-do attitude, Nature’s Atlas brought together a leading, diverse, and experienced team of farmers, land stewards, agronomists, nutritionists, microbiologists, teachers, engineers, economists, lawyers, policy experts, artists, and filmmakers.


Deploying regionalized, circular economies that focus on local
geographic strengths and tightening the supply chain.


Embodied in economic and environmental sustainability.


The Nature’s Atlas model results in real food where “you can taste the love.”


We know our food is preventative medicine.


Simply, we believe the impossible is probable.

Better food for a better future!
We Believe!


The Nature’s Atlas story is really a simple one. We are group of people who shared a vision to revolutionize a very broken food system and intimately understood that to challenge the controls of the status quo it would take a bold vision, quick action, and leadership whose backgrounds and experiences where from walks of life that were not beholden or influenced by the same companies that have dominated our food industry for the past several decades. Nature’s Atlas announced its vision in May of 2018 and immediately began driving change from each end of the food supply spectrum and is unwavering on its commitment to correct the markets and its related food narratives.
Honesty and integrity are paramount in everything we do.

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Our founders understood the value in hard-work and meaningful relationships as it is through their background and passion for getting their hands dirty on their own diversified family farms since childhood combined with their experience and multi-generational connections in port and logistics, markets, legal, multi-country government relations and trade that afforded Nature’s Atlas the comprehensive know-how and determination to create a roadmap for change. But what makes us relatable is that our real-life challenges are at the heart of what drives us, including our personal and family health issues that are sadly not unique as Americans are battling a health epidemic that drastically impacts the quality and longevity of life. Despite the powers that attempt to suppress the science and omit material facts from their talking points, there is a direct correlation to our current food system that can no longer be ignored.

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Karla Klingner


Karla Klingner has built an extensive career in the agricultural and logistics sector. She currently serves as the CEO of Nature’s Atlas.  Nature’s Atlas, matches world capital with business ventures to stimulate rural economic growth and create sustainable jobs in the food, agricultural and manufacturing industries as well as consults with domestic and foreign companies on globalization and political strategies. For the past six years, she has focused a majority of her time working directly in the foreign market with governments, investors, local cooperative partners and industry experts to ensure that transparency and integrity exists through the entire process. With over twenty years of experience in the legal, business, federal and international political arenas, Ms. Klingner brings a common sense, comprehensive approach for her farm, family, agri-business and immigration clients.

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Russ Kremer is a diversified family farmer and manager of Heritage Foods, a national processor, marketer and distributor of natural and organic protein products. His farming enterprises include humanely and sustainably raised hogs and cattle as well as chemical free vegetables, crops, hay, and timber. His hogs have the run of his pastoral 150 acres, rest in open, clean stalls, nosh on all-natural feed, and are never injected with antibiotics.

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